Dolcélite Glassa

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Product Information

Dolcélite Glassa has been especially created for icing baked goodshas been especially created for icing baked goods.
Quick to prepare and easy-to-use, it makes icing much less problematic. Dolcélite Glassa keeps the surface of the icing intact and helps to keep it crisp and even.

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Produzioni with Dolcélite Glassa


Sugar, rice starch, almonds, powdered vegetable fats, modified starch, flavourings.

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Dolcélite Glassa kg 1,000
Egg whites kg 0,600
TOTAL kg 1,600

Veneziana with Dolcélite GlassaMix all the ingredients together for a few minutes at medium speed in a food mixer with a paddle attachment.
Use the prepared mix as usual.

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Box Dolcélite Glassa

code B550 - Box 10 kg

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