Fondélite Giallo

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Product Information

Fondélite Giallo is frosting suitable for pralines, pastry and biscuits, is easy-to-use, and ideal for the frosting of éclairs.
Always glossy whatever the environment, it has a lemon colour and taste.

Bignè with Fondélite Giallo


Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fats, lactose, emulsifiers: (soy lecithin, E492), flavouring, food colouring: beta-carotene.
It can contain traces of nuts.

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For creative frosting:
Heat the product to about 40°/42°C (in bain marie, or microwave).
Fondélite Giallo is ready to use.

To shape:
Heat the product to about 40°/42°C, add some drops of water (i.e. 2 drops per ½ kg of product); find the right consistency and start creating.

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Confezione Fondélite Giallo

code C142 - Box 5 kg

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