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BFL Bakery Future Lines is now present on the international bakery market with a vast range of products to choose from; natural yeast, mixes for confectioners and bakers, margarine, cream fillings and chocolate cream substitutes.
The mainstay of the business, however, is “Natural Yeast”.

Taking advantage of the most advanced technology available today together with revolutionary preparation techniques, BFL has made significant headway in the market of semi-processed foodstuffs.

The new BFL range comes from years of experience at a European level within the pastry and traditional bread making sectors working together with its technicians and marketing staff.
This specific knowledge allows BFL to anticipate Client request and find the best possible way of providing quality products which constantly render your work much easier and more productive. All of this, but without forgetting for a minute the quality and taste that belong to the most classic of Italian traditions.

In the sector of natural leavening, which even today is the best way of baking bread, leavening has been achieved by the BFL laboratory thanks to Avant, available to both specialist home bakeries and industry alike, simple to use and with perfect results every time, a wonderfully natural product.
Avant is a product line of natural ready to use yeast. It has a flour-like appearance and once incorporated into the flour itself, it gives the same results as even the best “sourdough starter”.

BFL with its innovation has created "tomorrow's products for the specialist baker of today".

Natural Leavening with Avant